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Aromatherapy is a healing art that dates back for several thousand years. From the early days, it had been used as a means of healing by the ancient people of Egypt, India and China. Back then, the thought of using the power of the odor in a massage could have been way beyond their comprehension. Nevertheless, in the early twentieth century, it was discovered that certain essential oils used in aromatherapy remedies were quite powerful. Over the last few years, scientific studies have revealed the medicinal properties of the essential oils which have now been used in many kinds of aromatherapy massage to heal certain ailments.

Aromatherapy massage originates in Swedish massage treatment with cream or oil which has high levels of essential oils (often highly concentrated plant aromatherapy oils) absorbed through the skin or inhaled through a nostril. During a Swedish massage treatment session, you breathe through the mouth and breathe out through the nose. Through the activity of your breathing and the rubbing of the hands in your body, you're ready to soothe muscles and calm the mind. Through the actions of the hands and the gentle stroking of the palms, you have the ability to soothe tension and stress. When done correctly, it can completely relax your mind and body.

There are many different types of aromatherapy massage techniques that are used to achieve the exact same outcome. The two most common are the Swedish massage techniques and the deep tissue massage techniques. These two techniques are typically used together for better outcomes. A Swedish massage uses smooth circular motions to release the tension and knots of the muscles as a deep tissue massage uses slow, firm strokes to release chronic tension. Both these methods are excellent for relaxing the body and mind in addition to restoring balance to your energy system.

Using essential oils during a Swedish massage is a frequent approach to achieve relaxation and overall health and wellness. Many massage therapists who specialize in Swedish massage techniques will use essential oils during their sessions to get the best results possible. Essential oils work to reduce stress and promote relaxation throughout the body.

Peppermint oil has been proven to be a great stress fighter and is terrific for reducing pain and inflammation. Applying peppermint oil may help to decrease the pain from a sore muscle by flushing the area and reducing inflammation. Aromatherapy with peppermint oil is a common part of a Swedish massage along with lavender and Rosemary essential oils.

Almond oil is another popular essential oil that can be used during a Swedish massage in addition to any other type of massage. This natural oil is terrific for promoting a healthy nervous system and relieving stress and tension. Using almond oil after a massage can provide a soothing sensation on the surface of the skin, which is soothing after a long, hard day at work or a tricky time with your children. Applying a little coconut oil into a sore muscle might also help to relieve an upset stomach.

Lavender is another popular essential oil that could be used during a Swedish massage. When picking lavender oil, it's important to choose one made with natural ingredients so you do not cause an allergy. Some frequent lavender essential oils used in many different massage treatments include Rosemary, eucalyptus and marjoram. Marjoram oil is terrific for promoting better sleep and relieving headaches. When using this oil during a massage therapy session, it is usually combined with almond oil to provide a sweet, warm sensation that soothes the muscles and gives a nice aroma that frequently carries subtle aromatherapy hints throughout the entire room.

There are many other essential oils which can be used as part of a Swedish massage. When using these products, it's important to follow the manufacturer's directions. Essential oils are best used with a face mask several times every month. A skin patch test should also be done to be sure that they are compatible with your skin type. By using these natural products on a regular basis, you'll be able to provide your own individual aromatherapy treatment that's customized just for you.

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