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/ 07 февраля
How you can get a flat belly is a question concerning many of us. In case you are generally satisfied with your appearance and weight, but wish the belly of yours was a little less round, then the following tips are certainly for you.
Consumption of specific foods and beverages might prevent you from finding a flat belly you often wanted. In other words, the belly of yours may basically be bloated due to incorrect eating habits. By following these very simple rules you'll drastically decrease the risk of bloating.

flat belly tonic recipeHow to buy a okinawa flat belly tonic contact number ( belly - Eating habits to consider:
To start with, ban virtually all carbonated drinks from your wardrobe. This means will no longer be cola, beer, sparkling wine or water, and even no champagne.
Avoid drinking water during meals, save it for later.
Begin your meals with a salad rather than soup.
Some fruits might stop you from having a flat belly. It is known that apples, bananas and grapes can cause bloating. Choose oranges, peaches, grapefruits, berries and apricots instead.
Temporarily stay away from vegetables as cauliflower, corn, cabbage, beans and legumes.